Emily Stewart

Registered to care for 3 children (Last updated: 07th November 2018)

Hi, my name is Emily and I’ve been working full time as a registered childminder since 2014 in Jersey. Previously I worked in the US when my 2 children were younger. I have experience in special needs with behaviour and autism.
The above photos are of things we tend to do the most. We go out twice a week to messy play group and on outings with friends. We might take a bus ride, eat lunch out, Amazing maze, queens valley to walk our dog. If we are staying home for the day we play in the garden or hang out around our development in the wagon or with trikes. We play in the garden lots…in the playhouse ‘mud kitchen’, and digging station.

For more information about me, please have a look at my website, www.homegrownchildcarejersey.com, and search on FB for my page under the same name.

I have a vacancy for an 18m+ child.

Thank you for your interest!