Emma Geaney

Registered to care for 2 children (Last updated: 22nd November 2018)

 **I will have space for a baby from September 2019**

I have been registered since July 2015 but have been childminding my two nieces since 2012 and 2014. I also have a teenage daughter Tilly. When she was in primary I spent alot of time helping in her school from nursery to year 2.

I provide a happy, friendly and smoke free environment.

I have a large variety of toys in my home and also an enclosed garden with outdoor toys, the lanes around where I live are also fun and stimulating.

I also have lots of messy activities…Playdoh, painting and arts and crafts and then sand and water play for outdoors.

I am a Heritage member and also have memberships for the Zoo and aMaizin Maze. I go to a lovely playgroup at the Berni Centre where there is a wide variety of activities on offer.

I also join up on outings with other childminders to give the children in my care the opportunity to socialise

I have the relevant training i.e First Aid, Child Protection and attend other courses when they are available.